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The Earthly Kitchen is a hub for the stuff you are reading and thinking about: books, news, liberal politics, gender studies, feminism and masculinity, the craft of writing, deep chats with authors, and—completely unrelated to anything—my obsessive love of cars. Each week I’ll send a newsletter on current events and politics. On the weekends, if so inspired, I may send a roundup with the most interesting stories I find on the web related to the aforementioned topics.

Each month from January through May, I will publish an Author Interview where I go deep with contemporary writers that challenge the deeply entrenched, thus intimidating, systems of oppression. I want to learn more about their writing process, what motivates them, what scares them, and how the writing has changed them. While I admire writers in all genres, I primarily focus on literary fiction, memoir, creative-non fiction (personal narrative essays), non-fiction that studies cultural and societal issues, and even children’s books, because, well, I read a lot of those, too. If you’re a big reader or writer, this will be for you.

Towards the end of the month, I will publish a book review by a contemporary author who writes about timely issues. The essays are only for books I recommend, not to tear down another writer’s work. If I read a book I don’t like, why bother talking about?

I’ll publish seasonal lists with recommended reading, like book shopping gift guides, and summer reading challenges. As my subscription is currently free, I post affiliate links from Amazon. If you purchase from any of the links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The Earthly Kitchen aims to lift visibility of writers of color, those who identify as female, parents and caretakers, diaspora, disabled, LGTBQ+, but old, white male authors are cool, too.

Why is it called The Earthly Kitchen? Is there food? Nope, no food. The kitchen is where we make things, where we gather to talk and connect with our families, chosen and assigned, to share ideas, debate current events, talk books, and get our fill.

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Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA '24, lover of books, (left) politics, car enthusiast, former rep at Chrysler & MB. WIP: memoir of automotive industry studying gender, identity, motherhood in a male-dominated industry. I'm a Hellcat.